We love working with the families who adopt our puppies!  Nothing brings us greater joy than to see individuals and families connect with their dogs; faces of both people and puppies light up when they realize they've found a member of their furever family.  We care for each of our pups with as much love as we do our own dogs, and it warms our hearts to know they go to loving families.  Hearing how Pomsky Northerns has blessed your lives is such a wonderful thing!  Read the stories below to hear how past families feel about their experience with us. 

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Ophelia -
the Scott family

This beauty was only a glimmer in our eyes 7 years ago when I first found the Pomsky breed on the internet.  I had done a ton of research over the years, because I was warned to be careful of fraudulent breeders out there.

As I researched reputable breeders, one breeder kept popping up: Pomsky Northerns.  I followed them for years and continued to be amazed at the beautiful pups.  Year after year, over the 7 year span, the puppies were beautiful.

When we were finally ready to get a puppy of our own we contacted Pomsky Northerns.  Marsh was so incredibly helpful (patient, too--I had so many questions) with the entire process from beginning to end.

In the short time our family has had our Pomsky, we have truly fallen in love with this little fur ball; what a great personality.

We can't thank you enough, Pomsky Northerns, for everything.

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Minnie & Togo - Arianna Lawless

We adopted Minnie through Pomsky Northerns in June of 2019.  Minnie has been an absolute joy from the moment we picked her up at the airport.  We can't even remember a life without her!  She loves doing zoomies in the backyard, watching TV on the couch and snuggling with Mom and Dad.  Minnie is incredibly smart and super fun to train.  She is oh, so loving and never passes up the opportunity to make new friends, which is why we decided to add another Pomsky to our Pack!  

Without hesitation, we reached out to the Morford family with Pomsky Northerns.  There is no other family we trust more!!!  And so, January of 2021, we brought home Mr. Togo!  What a sweet, independent little guy.  He and Minnie get along wonderfully.  Watching them interact brings nothing but smiles to our faces.  We cannot wait to watch him grow and to make memories together as a family!

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Luna -
Kristi Phillips

We fell in love with Luna the moment we chose her.  She is so spunky, loves to play, gives lots of kisses, and she is so adorable!  We bought our first Pomsky, Athena, from a broker online and a courier brought her to us from  Indiana.  We fell in love with her and the breed, so we decided she needed a playmate.  I searched for weeks looking for a good breeder near Las Vegas where we live.  We wanted to meet our 2nd one in person before choosing.  We feel very blessed to have worked with Pomsky Northerns to get our little girl, Luna!  So happy I chose this breeder!!  This is not just a business, they care very much for all their litters, it shows in their dealings.  They provide the pedigree on their dogs which I find valuable, i don't have it on my other dog.  They make it very personal and are wonderful people to work with!  I highly recommend Pomsky Northerns!


Mac -
BillieJo Deininger

I feel so lucky to have found Mac at such perfect timing.  I have never had a dog before, so I was scared about pulling the trigger and wanted to wait.  But he's so healthy and strong and literally my little tiny fuzzy bestie.  No matter how short of time I am away from him (literally even an hour) he gets SO excited to see me.  He's so funny and has so much personality like a typical Husky does but then is so pretty and personable like a Pomeranian (he's literally like a miniature prancing Husky).  He's a perfect blend of the two, I couldn't be more satisfied by the way he grew up.  Thanks a ton to Pomsky Northerns for nailing this breed 

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