Price & Payment

Typical Pricing

Base Price: $1500.00 - $2500.00 USD

Husky Markings: +$1000.00 USD

Rare Blue or Lilac Color: +$500 USD

Some Blue In One Eye: +$500.00 USD

OR Some Blue in Both Eyes: +$1000.00

OR Double Blue Eyes: +1500.00 USD

TINY TOY- *Estimated* Adult Weight < 10 lbs: +$500.00 USD

Breeding Rights: +$1000.00 USD

**Pricing subject to change according to market fluctuations

(Also please note that with our extensive experience breeding Pomskies, our adult size estimates are generally quite accurate. However, sometimes pups inherit a unique combination of genes and surprise us - both bigger and smaller than estimated. Therefore size is estimated but not guaranteed.)

Waiting list

We are always accepting deposits for our young and upcoming litters. Your deposit gets you on our waiting list and saves your place in line to choose a pup. If you do not find the pup you want in the first litter offered to you, you can move your deposit forward to the next litter, then the next, and again as long as it takes until you find your dream puppy!  Your deposit confirms that you intend to follow through with your purchase. It is non-refundable if you change your mind, but you can keep your deposit on hold until a better time for you, if necessary


We reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter for my breeding program. The deposit list applies to all puppies available after our pick(s), if any, have been made.