Hatcher is doing great - he's a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, and loves water of any kind, snow included! He has a seriously thick and amazing coat and we love him so much! Hatcher loves to cuddle, give kisses, and play. He gets along with every dog he meets and steals the heart of every person he meets! 

Brad & Michelle

We L❤️ve our precious Zoey! 💕 Perfect Pomsky Puppy!! 🥰  She has brought us so much joy....and ok, she rules the house too!🤣 but she is a little princess! She is 6 months old now & weights 11 lbs.  She's been a joy! We have more referrals coming to you!!


She is doing great! She is cute and she knows it! Every time we go anywhere with her we get swarmed by crowds of people asking to take pictures of her and pet her, she’s like a celebrity!! She has a very sweet personality, just absolutely loves people and other dogs. She has an unlimited supply of energy so she keeps us active and on our toes. She has probably the sassiest personality I’ve ever seen in a dog. I Haven’t ever seen her get aggressive, and she’s not dominant at all. We went to the vet a couple weeks ago and she weighed almost 10 pounds.

Lynley and Reygan

We absolutely love him!!!  He is 15 lbs. He is SO cuddly, he always has to be touching you in some way. He is strong willed. He loves sunshine and being outside. We call him Creed.


I purchased two pomskies from Heather. She's very kind and honest. She's helped me even months after I bought the dogs, with any questions I had. I will be getting my next pomsky from Heather. She's awesome! I highly recommend Pomsky Northerns.


Just a terrific experience .... Heather's pup's are so sweet and well adjusted ... Remi is so friendly with everyone and the first vet visit found him to be very healthy ... Many Thanks to Heather you can not go wrong with Pomsky Northerns :-)


Heather and her team have been incredibly supportive and helpful to a first time owner like myself. All of my questions have been answered and they have even helped me considerably post purchase. I did a nationwide search for breeders (literally contacted over 30 pomsky breeders across the US). I felt most comfortable with Heather's knowledge and her no pressure approach. It already feels like the best decision. I would recommend Pomsky Northerns to anyone interested in the pomsky breed.


We purchased our sweet Maui from Pomsky Northerns. Heather was so knowledgeable about the breed and answered every question we had. We are so happy with our choice to adopt a puppy from here and definitely recommend her to others.


I was able to get my Kayla from Heather a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier with her. Love her so much and such a good dog...


I love our pomsky. He's been the perfect addition to our family ❤️We get complimented on our dog every time we're out. Highly recommend.


This is the best place to purchase your future fur baby! Her dogs are of high quality and make beautiful animals with sweet personalities in return! I researched this breed for three years before finally buying one, and I know we made the right decision buying from here. Do your homework before making your decision.


What's this item about? What I have LOVED working with Pomsky Northerns! Heather is always helpful and answers any questions I might have. We got our very first pomsky Aurora from her to start @DakotaPomskies and now we are so excited to be sending one of our puppies back to her. I HIGHLY recommend Pomsky Northerns and am always excited when I get to work with her!makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


I love my Pomsky! Pomsky Northerns provided a great and easy process to get a puppy! My Riggs is perfect and I love him so much!


Best pup I have ever owned, he's smart and loves to play, I want to get another one some day. Even my German Shepherd loves to play with Kona, I think now I will only have Pomskies in my life, they are a smart, easy to train and such beautiful dogs.

Sean - Innovative K9 Academy

As Puppy: Our girl Jules is doing so awesome. She's sleeping through the night, she's not having accidents in the crate and she is doing really well with her beginning obedience. What a great bloodline. She is very confident, eager to work for food, great with other dogs and best of all super cute. All the things we would want in a demo dog. When looking for puppies, going to reputable breeders really does make a difference. Thanks for the great DeMille breeding program. 

As Adult:  Love this girl, she has no fear she will go out and roughhouse with Rottweilers and German Shepherds, she's the roughest one by far. She knows when to settle down though, we use her to socialize puppies. [Like right now we have] an 8 week old puppy that was afraid of dogs. She has tons of food drive, toy drive and absolutely no environmental or social issues. Thanks Heather for such a great puppy!


We love her more than words can explain! She loves chasing her mini tennis balls, hopping around (makes her name that much more perfect), and riding shotgun in the truck with us! We are very impressed with her temperament. She loves everyone, especially kids!!! We couldn't be more pleased with our choice! Thanks so much for bringing her into our lives, here some photos for you're enjoyment!! :) Thank you we can't get enough of her, she has quite the personality! 

Kelly & Anthony

We had talked about pomskies years ago and it was so difficult to find information that we stopped looking. That is until my brother brought home Rue. She was such a smart, adorable, cuddly puppy that we knew we had found our breeder! Heather was great with the entire process. We wanted a puppy from Kiva’s litter, that had the shorter husky type hair. She walked us through the entire adoption process and was very encouraging during picking time. Mya is the best puppy we could have asked for! She is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. She is our little spunky girl full of energy, but also very cuddly and loving. Her intelligence amazes us every day. We were able to teach her tricks such as ‘paw’ and ‘up’ in just one day! Thank you Heather and the DeMille family for giving us our perfect little princess. 


Her name is Isabella. She's doing great...we love her so much !

Her and Smokie get along so well !


Riggs is really good. He is very spoiled. And he is happy and really chill. We love his howl he does every morning when he wakes. He is a very good listener. And he rules his 2 brothers who are 180 lbs. So funny to watch.  He loves treats a steals his brothers ever chance he gets, Due to the others dogs being big and slow.


Draco is very energetic and loyal. He's great around other dogs, he loves meeting new dog friends. He's quite intelligent as well and figured out how to open our latch gate but luckily would just wait in the front yard for us to get home.  He knows tons of tricks too.  His favorite thing is hiking in the mountains with me and our other dog.  Loves playing fetch too.  He always wants to be right by me whether we're at home or out and about. 


Shortly after they got him: Thank you Heather, we can tell that he was raised by a really good family. He's a great dog. He's a little angel! He is amazing!!! Very well behaved and overall just a great natured dog. UPDATE: We had been researching Pomskys for a long time. We were reluctant to use an out-of-state breeder with all the bad breeders out there and scams nowadays. We researched Northern Pomskys a lot. We were happy with all the reviews in the way Heather portrayed her self on Facebook as a family woman. So happy we took a chance with her. The whole process was nothing short of simple and hasslefree. Our puppy, Reny, arrived clean and happy after the flight from Utah to Boston. He has been such a joy in our life, living up to the Pomsky name. He is a happy healthy boy and growing wonderfully. He is great with our children and such a good dog. He listens to commands, walks well on a leash, and gets along very well with other dogs. We couldn't be happier with the whole process and of course with our dog. I would 100% recommend Northern Pomskys to anyone looking for this breed. Thank you Heather Berry DeMille for giving us our wonderful family member! 


Thanks Heather! She's a dream! She's got an amazing temperament and is doing so well. She is loved and she is adored! She is such a love and fills our home with so much love and puppy adventures! Thank you!!! 


He is very sweet and very stubborn but has completely stolen our hearts! :)


Say hello to Bogey! 11 weeks and is the sweetest, cutest thing! Thanks so much for breeding such an amazing dog! 


Sadie is really is and so, so sweet. Definitely a bit mischeivous and we learned the hard way a couple times to make sure she has plenty of toys and treats to chew on.  We will be patching a wall corner and kitchen cabinet.  Ha!  But she is so worth the trouble. Thank you again for blessing us with her!


I can't even express the amount of love & laughter she has brought into our lives! Could not be more thrilled with this breed & the puppy we got! Thank you Heather!! 


Milo is doing great.  He’s full of energy, is afraid of nothing (even when he’s being disciplined!) and he of course loves to play.  He’s got such a unique personality and boils over with excitement that takes all his will power to contain when human friends come around.  Milo is definitely a part of our family though and we love him to pieces.  He has an amazing, friendly and warm personality... he loves his cuddles.  


I love him so much!! He brings me so much joy. He will be 7 months old next week and is already 40 pounds. I love it! Glad he got big. He's my perfect little buddy. Goes everywhere with me. Very smart and loyal, he and Koda (German Shepherd) are bff's. Thank you so much for giving us such a great dog. He is very smart and lovable. And to my surprise he turned out to be a great water dog! He jumps off our boat and swims just like a fish. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is my little buddy. Thanks Heather. 


My kids and I are so thrilled with our puppy Bandit, he is exactly what we were looking for and we couldn't be happier! I knew I wanted a Pomsky for the temperament and size but had no idea how to find a good one. After much research on-line, I contacted several breeders but chose to go with Foxtrottin Northerns because of Heather's email reply to my initial contact. She was informative, interested and willing to answer as many questions as I had. I have never spent this kind of money on a puppy but with Heather I felt he would be (and completely IS!) worth it as she took the time and really helped me find exactly what I was looking for as far as size and overall temperament goes and she really seems to care where her puppies end up! She accommodated all our questions and requests and has even followed up to see how he's doing. She was great to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a good quality Pomsky! 
(At 4 months old: Have i thanked you lately for this amazing little fur ball who is constantly changing and enriching our lives in ways we couldn't even have imagined?!? He is everything I wanted and more, even all the wonderful color changes!)


My experience with Northern Pomsky was super nice. Heather was really helpful with all my gazillion questions I had even before getting the puppy. She was always prompt to answer all my emails. She was very detailed when explaining how each puppy was going to look like, with sizes, fur type, etc. Once I finally got my puppy she was very attentive answering and guiding me to different helpful articles to handle my puppy, which I was completely clueless about. I’m super happy with my pomsky, I’ve learned a lot through this process and still am. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but is so worth it. Everywhere I go I get compliments of her and she’s definitely super smart as well, too much if you ask me, she knows how to get away with stuff ;) Thank you! 


I can't tell you how happy I have been having Ghost apart of my life for the past few weeks. I look forward to the many years we will have with each other. Thanks again! 


I cannot thank you enough for helping Luna come into our lives. Thank you heather. I get tears thinking about how much we love that little ball of joy. I never ever thought I could love a pup that much but she has become a huge part of our lives. We ADORE her. Honestly I never thought I could love a dog that much. I adore her. She is just the cutest and Brandon does too in his own way (not as vocal but she is his screen saver hahaha) so grateful you gave her to our home. Thank you!


Aleu is a great puppy. Super friendly, plays well with other dogs big and small. Great dog!


She is the boss!!!…. Super smart and loving with a great personality, always full of energy, she loves running around and playing in the water with our other Pomsky Nickie, they are perfect together. She is a great companion and love to be around people. We love her to the moon and back and could not be happier to have her as part of our family. We had a great experience with Heather. Thank you for everything!


She is the boss!!!…. Super smart and loving with a great personality, always full of energy, she loves running around and playing in the water with our other Pomsky Nickie, they are perfect together. She is a great companion and love to be around people. We love her to the moon and back and could not be happier to have her as part of our family. We had a great experience with Heather. Thank you for everything!


When I decided to buy a Pomsky I didn't think I would find a breeder so close to me. It was a huge surprise and a wonderful experience. She posted lots of pectures online and even emailed me with updates of the puppies' progress. Sakari is an amazing dog and a wonderful memeber of the family. She has an amazingly mild temper and is so playful and loving. Her coloring and husky markings are perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. 

Elsa & Cody

We could not be happier with Bandit, he was the perfect addition to our family!!! We LOVE him! He gets compliments everywhere we go.


My experience with Pomsky Northerns was and has been excellent. Heather answer my email as fast as I wrote her I wanted to get a pomsky, she helped me with some paper to see if she can send it to my country, Venezuela. Then, she advice me what puppy to get once it was my turn according to my expectations and he arrived safe and perfect to Miami's airport where we picked him up. Now I have him, I've asked her for some medical advice and she always answers me with perfect advice.
Noah is the best thing that has happened to me, he brings me joy every single day with his personality. He is extremely playful, funny, loyal, protective, smart (knows how to sit, lay down, gives his paw, stays and is potty trained since 3 months) and the best thing i like about him is how friendly he is with dogs and people, he cries and cries when he sees a dog or a person far away and cant go to say hi to them. We go to a dog park every day and everyone loves Noah, he is a character who makes them laugh all the time! 


I wanted to thank you for making this process so easy and giving me the most sweet, playful, and loving puppy! He is such a little model lol


She is great and a very good dog. We love her very much. Thanks. 

Joelle & Ivan

Bella has grown so much! She has proven to be patient, gentle and forgiving towards her baby sister after all the hair pulling, feet grabbing and ear pinching. So very proud of her 

Kelsie & Lance

We have talked about getting a Pomsky for about a year. We did our research on the best breeders since we have never "bought" a puppy before. Our research lead us to Heather. Which was absolutely perfect because the puppies were adorable and the waiting list was not very long. We drove the 26 hour drive there and 26 hours back to get our pretty girl. Koda is the perfect puppy. She is just the combination of spunky and sweet. Her blue eyes are to die for. Thank you Pomsky Northerns for everything! If you have Instagram follow Koda to watch her grow. @Koda_Mae_The_Pomsky 


She's pretty and smart.. Very glad I got her.. Couldn't be happier... Best hiking partner ever! We love her to pieces. 


Faolan amazes and amuses me everyday. Heather has been an AMAZING partner for me during my adoption process. I just love this little guy! He is such a joy and is picking up the potty training crazy fast. He is eating, drinking and pottying well. He is really enjoying his toys, too. He is very playful and I love it. Faolan had his health exam today and passed just fine. Everyone there loved him. Two of the techs wanted pictures with him. He did a phenomenal job traveling yesterday. He even held his potty for like seven hours until we got home. He was also so very calm and quiet the entire trip. He is just amazing and I'm so thankful that he gets to be mine. 


Genuine people are great to be around and so are approachable people. Heather manages to be genuine and approachable at the same time which is such an amazing, rare combination. I had the pleasure of working with Heather as my wife and I decided to adopt a beautiful Pomsky. She was professional in every interaction and extremely knowledgeable about the breed. Her passion for her business and the livelihood of every single puppy she has sold is what stood out to me. I was particularly impressed on how she connects with her past, current and future customers with a myriad of great resources to ensure the safety of these puppies throughout their lives. She takes on a consultative approach which eased my nerves as a first time puppy owner. I would highly recommend doing business with Heather and enriching your lives by adopting one of her Pomskys. 


She's a nerd but we love her like crazy! Training is going well. She definitely has more husky in her than Pomeranian, which is a welcomed challenge when it comes to training. We have been so happy with her, thanks again!  She is the best, we love her so much!


Love my Csonk Ghiradelli so much!


Riggs plays wells with other dogs. He is very protective of me and my husband. He is my husband's favorite. They baby talk to each other. He is a sweet heart. He is very tough and independent not very cuddly or a lap dog. Likes his space. House training was so easy and fast. Faster then we thought. He is a good dog. Very good dog. Listens well. 

Lori Ann

He is good, happy, and jumping around ; playing playing playing...nap...eat ...bathroom...so much fun (My local pet club has his food). My husband taught him how to sit yesterday and he does it then after reward Wookie goes in circles -adorable. Did well at the vet. Got his shot. All good weighs 4.5 lbs now. He is so much fun and so good a night-he curls up in his bed(which he loves ). He has been doing well last night and today with pooping and peeing on the training pads in the wash room. Really good at night sleeps and stays in his area quite well until we say good morning when we all get up. Love him to pieces He is such a delight. We are so in love with him. 


I have to say that we researched A LOT of pomsky breeders and I contacted quite a few asking information about the dogs and not even ONE of the other breeders responded to my messages. So when we found you Heather we jumped at the opportunity to get two of your pups and I am SOOOOOO glad we did!!! You made everything so easy & you were so helpful with any questions... Not to mention you never acted rude or put out by anything we were asking. You are such a kind genuine person. I especially liked the way you treated your dogs and puppies. With the utmost care and love! My two girls are exactly what I was looking for and hadn't found for years! They are the best pups growing into the best dogs and are so healthy & beautiful! I also love that you encourage people to breed their dogs so that the pomsky world can grow! I can't even tell you how many times I get stopped in a day with people asking about my girls and where I found them and my experience... So thank you Heather!!!


We got Dallas, aka Dove from Pomsky Northerns & we love her! She is the best dog I have ever owned! Definitely will be back at some point to get her a companion Pomsky from Pomsky Northerns! (Probably next year) but even as a puppy, she is excitable, but not aggressively hyper like most puppies. She is really pretty chill lol. And her coat is so amazing soft & beautiful!!! I hear it might shed later which isn't a biggie... But just mentioning some key things about her. She's healthy, beautiful & her temperament is AWESOME!!!! Will be back in the future for sure! 


Like others, I had researched different breeders. I came across her page and immediately was drawn by her professionalism. I had recently lost my beloved golden retriever after her brave journey through a fatal cancer. I needed to find a companion for my other golden and begin to heal my own broken heart. I must have emailed Heather 8-10 times regarding my decision to or not to adopt one of her babies. She responded very promptly each time and with each response, the love for what she does was very evident. I had fallen in love with our Macie from the second I saw her picture. When I finally decided to go through with the adoption, (only debating if my family and I were ready emotionally) I had offered Heather to pay even more to ensure I was guarenteed Macie. She explained she couldn't because she has to respect the order of the depositors. She is certainly not in this for the wrong reasons. Every interaction you have with heather will be positive and professional. I couldn't be happier with Macie. She has contributed to the healing of our family and lives a loving and spoiled life. We have already discussed getting her a companion in the future. Thank you Heather for everything. You've done more for us than you could possibly imagine. 

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